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Holistic Science is the wholeness you discover when you enter inside life, a discussion or a journey.

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A unique and independent journal uncovering the living dynamic in the facts of science.

The Holistic Science Journal is transformative in starting out from the unique way life presents itself in the wonder of the particular.  That is the starting point of the inquiry for which Holistic Science Journal provides a platform.

At the core of Holistic Science is The Creative Relation of Whole and Part, click here to read full paper!

"Our starting point is a simple shift in the relation of whole to parts. Normally we imagine the whole as something already there and the parts as the logical constituents. We follow a long tradition, where the whole comes into being through the part; and the part is representative of the whole. The whole and the part are in a dynamic interaction. There is no whole without the part, and no part without the whole. The relation of parts to the whole inhabits the novel, which is thereby given the means of expression.... " read more here


leafmaplered2_120Contributors of the Holistic Science Journal include:

Iain McGilchrist, Henri Bortoft, Emilios Bouratinos, Stephen Buhner, Anna Breytenbach, Graham Jones, Fritjof Capra, David Peat, Philip Franses, Stephan Harding, Jules Cashford, Satish Kumar, Chris Clarke, Shantena Sabbadini, , Martin Crawford, Teresa Wolfenden

leafmaplered2_120Have this journal in your library or at home to refer to as a personal journey and professional reference point.

The issues in dialogue within the Holistic Science Journal highlight scientist, potter, forest-gardener, poet, who all in their own unique way have come to weave together the forgotten rags of a culture drunk in its riches and follow the way to the heart.

“You have succeeded in bringing together the work of academics and students at the cutting edge of new paradigm thinking in an accessible, manageable form.” Thalia Vitali, Kingsbridge, Devon

“Your wonderful journal has been a great source for me. Thank you!” Margaret Wheatley, Writer and Leadership Consultant, USA

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